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FULL | Making & Using Compost with Wormies (F)

Online pre-registration is required. Drop ins on the day of will not be accepted, due to program materials needing to be prepped in advance.

Join Wormies Vermicompost to learn how to use your food scraps to make compost and feed your garden soil including methods for composting at home and ways to use your nutritious compost, including signs of maturity, application rates, compost teas and extracts. Moisture content, oxygen, temperature and feedstock recipe are some of the key factors. Come learn more about the best way to harness the benefits of indigenous microorganisms when composting at home. Wormies compost inoculants will be available and optional to kickstart the composting activity of your system. 

Program is for adults and kids ages 10 and up with adult supervision.

This program is offered free of charge due to generous grant funding. If you would like to purchase one of the following, optional take-home items, please do so when you register, and you’ll be able to pick up your item during the program. A purchase is not necessary for program attendance.

Available for all composting programs:

Worms and vermicomposting supplies:
– 1/2 lb red wigglers with 2 gal of bedding for $35
– Rubbermaid bin, $30

Wormies Vermicompost:
– 32 oz for $12
– 5 gal for $25
– mesh bag to make compost tea or extracts, $5 ea

Recommended Books for Compost Enthusiasts:

– The Rodale Book of Composting (for gardeners)
– The Worm Farmers Handboook (for mid scale vermicomposting)
– Teaming with Fungi (advanced)
– Teaming with Microbes (advanced)
– Teaming with Nutrients (advanced)

Please Note: This program will be held indoors.


Apr 22 2023


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Blandford Nature Center
1715 Hillburn Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI
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