Blandford Programs are fun and available for all ages!

Our programs strive to help people get their hands dirty and discover their relationship to the natural world.

We want to share this one-of-a-kind experience with the community and make every visit to Blandford a memorable one!

Dr. Whoo Screech Owl

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Mary Jane Dockeray

“It is my hope that an awareness and enthusiasm for nature will further stimulate concern for the total environment and will be an asset for the world and its future.” -Dr. Mary Jane Dockeray, Founder

Mary Jane Dockeray

Seasonal Camps

Start a wild adventure at one of Blandford’s Camps! Our enthusiastic camp instructors are waiting to share an amazing world of wonder with your child.

School Field Trips

With special programs for local public and private schools, and homeschool students, we help bring hands-on, natural learning experiences to students.

Wildlife Experiences

Whether you’re looking for experience caring for animals or are looking to bring wildlife experiences on the road to your location, we have plenty to offer.


Whether it’s pulling invasive plant species along one of Blandford’s beautiful trails, tending to the Wildlife Ambassadors that call the Wildlife Education Center home, or teaching today’s youth about the wonders of nature through our Community Programs, volunteers are highly valued as an integral part of the success of Blandford Nature Center.

Private Rentals

Blandford Nature Center offers corporate and private rentals during our regular business hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Nature Makers Market

Blandford’s biannual Nature Makers Markets are celebrations of quality craftsmanship and artisan-made goods, inspired by nature and/or made of natural materials.

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