The Farm

Fresh produce, farm animals, and exciting opportunities.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

At the Blandford Farm, we offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – a relationship between community members who prefer locally-grown food and the farmers that grow it. CSA members support and invest in our farm by purchasing a “share” of the harvest that they can pick up weekly. Follow the links below to purchase a share of the Blandford Farm harvest!

Note: Blandford Nature Center members receive early & discounted registration for our CSA program! Membership must be non-expired during purchase to receive early & discounted registration. Visit our Membership page here to become a member.

With 2.5 acres of land, our farm has been growing over 200 different varieties of vegetables since 2010. We are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a part of Slow Food of West Michigan (SFWM), and Cropping System Certified through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), which means we grow all our produce using environmentally friendly, healthy practices. We don’t use herbicides or pesticides, and believe the health of the soil directly impacts the quality of produce grown. We monitor soil health through annual soil tests, and use the results to determine which amendments we add to the soil to ensure a healthy crop and nutrient dense food.

This year, three share options are available: Vegetable shares, Herb shares, and Flower shares. You can learn more about our 2022 CSA options and view samples of what might come in your weekly share below.

Prefer a physical sign-up form or brochure instead? Download them to print by following the links below or pick one up from our visitor services desk during our open hours Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. For questions and more farm information, please contact us using the form below or reach out to our Farm Manager at or 616-735-6240 ext. 125.

Farm Programming

The Blandford Farm is a short walk west of the Visitor Center and has many things to offer besides naturally-grown produce. Come greet the goats, say “hello” to the sheep, explore the children’s garden, and play in the farm-themed playscape – the opportunities are endless! Here at Blandford, we hope to continue engaging our community by educating families on local agriculture through year-round, interactive farm programming.

The Blandford Farm animal ambassadors are featured in unique programs designed to give you a hands-on, behind-the-scenes opportunity to learn and help out on the farm. These programs allow children to learn about livestock chores and farm animal care while having fun.

We invite visitors of all ages to enjoy, explore, and engage in nature through our farmed-themed community programs. Tap a tree, learn to garden, gather eggs, paint a pumpkin, enjoy a family bonfire, and more – we provide a variety of options for you to connect with nature on the Blandford Nature Center Farm.

Visit our Community Calendar for more information on our farm programs and start planning a year full of fun!

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