Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting Blandford

Why does Blandford charge admission? Don’t my tax dollars support you?

Do I have to pay admission if I only want to walk on the trails?

Can I bring my Service Animal inside the Visitor Center and on the trails?

What is there to to do at Blandford?

Do I need to let Blandford know if I’m bringing out a group for a self-guided exploration?

Is there a Rapid bus route to Blandford Nature Center?

When are the historical buildings open?

Do you have accessibility equipment available for use?

Trail & Property Etiquette 

Can I walk my dog(s) at Blandford?

Can I ride my bike on the trails?

Can I play in the creek?

Can I use my snowshoes or cross-country skis on Blandford’s trails?

Do you allow individuals or scout troops to camp overnight on the property?


Does Blandford accept injured or infant wildlife?

I have a pest causing issues on my property. Can I trap it and drop it off at Blandford?

Bird & Waterfowl Information

Reptile & Amphibian Information

Mammal Information

Resources for Other Animals

Do you allow hunting on Blandford’s property?

School Trips

What makes a trip to Blandford special?

How do I set up a field trip?

What can I expect on the day of our trip?

What if we need to reschedule or cancel?

How many chaperones should we bring?

What can my chaperones expect?

How much does a trip cost?

Why do we need to pre-pay?

Do you offer scholarships?

What happens if our day-of numbers are different than expected?

What if my group is running late?

Can our group eat lunch on the grounds at Blandford?

Can I extend my Blandford experience?

Giving, Donations & Volunteering

What is the minimum amount of volunteers required for a Service Work Day?

What is the minimum amount of time my service group can spend out at Blandford Nature Center?

Can our Service Group make a donation or pay for a specific project during our Service Work Day?


How do I get my student into the Blandford School?

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