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Fall Homeschool Series Part 1: Seeds & Plants

Homeschool field trips at Blandford immerse students in nature while engaging their curiosity and connection to the natural world. All of our programs are taught by our highly experienced and educated staff and are designed with modern science education standards in mind.

Programs are available for children ages 5-12, divided into three groups for age-appropriate content. Each registration is sold as a package of three programs on the dates and times below. Please note that we have a minimum number of participants required for each age group. If we do not meet this minimum, that age group may be cancelled.


September 22 – Seeds & Plants
A focus on seed movement has students exploring woods and meadows and uncovering the secrets of plant and animal interdependence.

October 20 – Ecosystem Energy
Follow the circular flow of energy through our environment, from the sun to the soil, into plants, animals, fungi and back to the earth. Students will explore this cycle through the lens of producers, consumers and decomposers.

November 17 – Whooo is an Owl?
Meet Blandford’s owls and learn about these amazing birds of prey and what makes the great night hunters. Students will explore the outdoor habitats of owls, dissect owl pellets and explore the adaptations that help them survive here in Michigan.

All programs are 1-2:30pm


Sep 22 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Blandford Nature Center
1715 Hillburn Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI
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