Bobcat Naming Contest

NAMING CONTEST UPDATE (12/15/2021): We’re excited to announce the winning name combination is Artemis & Apollo! Thank you to everyone who participated in helping us name our new wildlife ambassadors and made a donation, our team will be reaching out to our raffle winner within the next few days.

We’re thrilled to be welcoming two new Bobcat wildlife ambassadors to Blandford! These Bobcats are a young brother and sister who lost their mother in a car accident shortly after they were born this spring. The orphaned kittens were found in Hart, Michigan and brought to wildlife rehabilitators at Kelly’s Westshore Animal Friends. After caring for the Bobcats, wildlife rehabilitators determined that these two would not be able to survive in the wild and they would need to find a permanent home. Blandford has had an empty outdoor enclosure for over a year following the passing of Bob the Bobcat, and after connecting with the rescue, this empty enclosure became home for these siblings!

In the wild, Bobcats are not typically social animals and only come in contact for breeding. However, these two will be fixed to avoid territorial conflicts and hormonal issues. This will also reduce their chances of getting cancer and other diseases that can shorten their lives. During your next visit to Blandford, we encourage you to check out the Wildlife Trail to visit our new friends, but please remember to be respectful while they adjust to their new home and caretakers. When you visit, you can differentiate the siblings by their size and face coloring – the girl is smaller than her brother and has more tan in her face and body compared to her brother who is darker and larger.

We are so happy to have these two new additions and we are excited for the new experiences and learning opportunities they will bring for visitors of all ages!

Welcome Artemis & Apollo!